Eponymous 4 isn’t going anywhere but isn’t staying either

If you interpret the title of this post to mean Eponymous 4 is going on hiatus or breaking up, you would not be mistaken.

On April 25, 2008, I filed paperwork to use Eponymous 4 as a business name, but I had already assumed that identity in 1999.

Which ever way you count it, it’s a long time.

In my mind, I signed a seven-album deal with Observant Records, and I’ve released all of them.

I have an idea for an eighth album, but I don’t want to work on it just yet. I spun off new projects to explore other interests that would be an uneasy fit for Eponymous 4.

And I want these projects to be heard.

At the same time, I’m not satisfied with how the majority of Eponymous 4 releases turned out. Back in 2013, I reached a point where I had been working on four albums-worth of material that I wanted them done. And I declared them done, even though they weren’t.

So I’m splitting the difference.

Eponymous 4 is not going to release a new album until the other projects have released theirs. Empty Ensemble has a number of pieces waiting to be finished. Penzias and Wilson has been sidetracked for more than 5 years.

Then there are other endeavors whose names were shit-posted on Facebook: Mine Da Gap, SERVICE PACK 3, NEMESIS VEX. Yes, my long-time Internet handle is finally forming his own one-man band.

Instead, Eponymous 4 is going to salvage the projects suffering from bitrot — many of them created before 64-bit was a reality — and give them the time, attention and proper tooling they need.

In a way, it’s fortunate Eponymous 4 has flown under the radar for most of its existence. I can pull a George Lucas and revise history.

By the time this post is published, I will have removed all my releases before 2017 from the digital services. Those versions will become archival material available only to Observant Records subscribers starting April 25, 2022. Physical versions of those albums will still be available over at Bandcamp for a steep discount.

While I work on new music for my other projects, Eponymous 4 will reissue those albums with new mixes. I don’t expect to change the underlying arrangements, but I do aim to improve the sound quality.

In fact, I’ve already remixed most of the album 健忘症, a work that suffered the most under a rush to get it out.

So no, there will be no new Eponymous 4 album in the near future, but I have no intent to keep quiet.

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