Reissue campaign continues with a second single in May 2023

高速 (Kousoku) is loosely inspired by the NOVA television special based on Brian Greene’s ‘The Elegant Universe. ‘

Reissue campaign begins with a single release of ‘What I Deserve’

“What I Deserve” has been remixed and remastered for release as a single on Oct. 28, 2022.

Eponymous 4 isn’t going anywhere but isn’t staying either

No, a new album is not in the works, but other things are.

[Eponymous 4 - Shinkyoku Moratorium Eigoban]

Two cover albums, two languages

A worldwide pandemic and an upgraded studio allowed these cover albums to see the light of day after 11 years.

[Eponymous 4 - enigmatics]

When exactly did Eponymous 4 form?

On paper, Eponymous 4 “formed” in 2008, but it can trace a history much further back in time.

‘Travis’ now available

Travis, is now available in the Eponymous 4 Shop and other digital retailers.

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