Your Gaze


About this track

“Your Gaze” is another song that shows a lot of influence from ACO’s absolute ego. I admit — I lifted the drum fills straight off of “SPLEEN”.

The second half of Imprint, which began with “Choices”, has newer material, while the first half focuses on earlier work. I plucked out the chord progression of this song some time in 2002, came up wtih the rhythm in 2003 and finished it in 2005.

I don’t have very good gaydar, and “Your Gaze” is pretty much about that. One night at work, I nearly ran into a guy while getting off the elevator. We made eye contact for much longer than what’s comfortable for straight guys. And I thought he was kind of hot. So he pinged. A few weeks later I looked at his hand and saw a wedding ring.

The recording cuts off abruptly at the end because it segues into the next track, which is the title track of the album.


In a moment far too fast for me to stop and comprehend
There was confirmation maybe you just might return my feelings
How could I mistake the gaze that burrowed deep inside the heart
Of everything that makes me who I am?

And still I look for reasons to explain how I could not be right
Because I really can't admit you have a power over me
But deep inside I yearn to meet your gaze and give myself a chance to feel
You dream of me as well

In a moment far too fast for me to stop and take a risk
You gave confirmation that you did in fact returned the feeling
And I wanted to mistake the gaze that makes me want to say
I wanted you and hope you want me too

And all the reasons I came up with have no ring of truth at all
And even faced with evidence that nothing could have come to be
'Cos deep inside I yearn to meet your gaze and give you just one chance to feel
I dream of you as well

It was a moment far too fast for me to answer with the truth
Of how I wish I could admit you have a power over me
And maybe one more day I'll get the chance to meet your gaze and make you feel
I dream of you right now

Look inside me
Feel the moment
Deep inside me
Seize the moment


  • Produced and engineered by Greg Bueno
  • Recorded in the Closet, 2005-2013, Seattle, WA
  • Cover design and photography by Greg Bueno
  • Published by Shinkyoku Advocacy (ASCAP)


  • Release date: September 24, 2013

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