State of Eponymous 4 Address, Nov. 2014

It’s been more than a year since I’ve posted here on the site, which is extraordinary given all the things that have happened in that time.

Back in 2013, I embarked on releasing the Ex Machina Series, which included 4 albums, 4 EPs and a compilation. Pretty much, everything that’s been posted on the site till now. It was a lot of work that somehow made posting here the bottom rung in priorities.

After such a big push, I stepped away from the studio to recharge. It wasn’t until late August that I felt remotely ready to start writing and recording again.

Any project as big as the Ex Machina Series will have leftovers, and my backlog of songs is not yet exhausted. The Ex Machina Series didn’t have room for singles, and these leftover tracks didn’t fit on the albums. The solution? B-sides!

[Eponymous 4 - Retrograde Songs]

Starting on January 2015, I’ll be releasing a series of singles every month culminating in a collection called Retrograde Songs. The singles will be available only online, while the collection will be available online and on CD. I’m calling these releases the Retrograde Singles Series.

I’ve also started work on an album of entirely new songs. I wrote a bunch of lyrics before moving from Austin to Seattle, and in September 2014, I set those lyrics to music. As the Retrograde Singles Series unfolds, I’ll be working on this new album, which I’m calling Travis. I don’t have a release date set, but if I get things done before the release of Retrograde Songs, it probably won’t be far behind.

The cover releases, 新曲モラトリアム日本語版 and 新曲モラトリアム英語版, have been in the can for a while, but I may go back and clean them up before I do anything with them. I may save those releases for 2016.

Then after that? I have to admit I’m ambivalent.

I launched Empty Ensemble a while back but have done nothing with it because Eponymous 4 has been such a time sink. I also compulsively started another spin-off called Penzias and Wilson. I haven’t yet figured out what kind of music Penzias and Wilson will make, but it won’t be singer-songwriter. In fact, it won’t have lyrics at all.

All this to say that Eponymous 4 may be winding down in the next year or so. At the very least, I have more than enough material for live performances.


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