‘Restraint’ release encounters some setbacks

I was hoping the third installment of the Work Release Program, Restraint, would be available this past Tuesday. It’s not.

Back in June, CD Baby redesigned its site, improving the interface significantly and added a content upload section. It was too successful for its own good. I uploaded the files for Restraint back in July, and I set a future release date for Aug. 18. When the release date rolled around, nothing happened.

I sent an e-mail to CD Baby, and they haven’t answered. Then I visited the site’s Twitter feed and saw a whole lot of unhappy customers. Yesterday, I discovered CD Baby disabled the content upload section, citing an inability to turn around content as the reason.

I’m giving CD Baby some slack, and I’ll try to reach them again later. I wonder how much testing went into this relaunch, because it seems to have been riddled with hiccups from the outset.

I also did the same thing with Amie Street — I uploaded the files a long time ago, intending to release the album at a future date. When Aug. 18 came around, I attempted to release the album, only to encounter site errors. An e-mail to customer support pushed the album through, but now I’ve discovered more than half of the files on the album are missing.

I don’t know what happened — I put those files up a long time ago. Amie Street was pretty reliable for the Imprint and 「風の歌を聴け」 releases, but there’s a whole lot of clusterfuck going on over there as well.

Bandcamp, thankfully, has not managed to screw me. I uploaded the album a while back, and now I’ve made it available.

I made a decision a few weeks back to delay the next few releases in the Work Release Program, since money is really tight at the moment. The fact this release has gone so poorly makes me think the decision is serendipitous.

I’ll be traveling to Japan in November, and I’ll consider starting up the Work Release Program again next year. Perhaps by then, CD Baby will get back on its feet. Right now, it’s a total mess.

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