The more immediate history of this album dates to 2005, when I continued my efforts to build a home recording studio after an aborted effort in 2001. The tech bubble had just burst then.

I was listening to absolute ego by Japanese pop artist ACO, and the album straddle many fine lines between jazz, electronica and pop. It reminded me of a vague idea I had around 2003 that some of my earliest songs — from the late ’80s — could be fashioned into a similar kind of album.

The earliest history of this album dates back to 1987, when I wrote two songs — “Promises” and “Silver Sting” — which seemed to me like the first songs I could call my own. Back then, I would mimic whatever I liked at the time (something I still do in some ways now.) But these two songs struck me as having some staying power. Even now, I don’t tire of listening to them.

Those songs were influenced by the AOR hitmakers of the day — Basia, Sade, Swing Out Sister, Hiroshima, even Tears for Fears. When I set out to write a full album of material, I went back to these influences and mixed them up with more recent influences — namely, ACO. (With some Cocco, UA and fra-foa on the side.)

Imprint is the result. The music I tend to like is much more indie and experimental, but for this first album, I aimed for something decidedly pop.


Track Title
1 Promises
2 Never Turn Back
3 Silver Sting
4 Our Best Wasn't Enough
5 Late Thaw
6 Take It Apart
7 Choices
8 Your Gaze
9 Imprint
10 Undone
11 A Chance to Get It Right
12 Love and Pride


  • Produced and engineered by Greg Bueno
  • Recorded in the Closet, 2005-2013, Seattle, WA
  • Cover design and photography by Greg Bueno
  • Published by Shinkyoku Advocacy (ASCAP)


  • Release date: September 24, 2013

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