Propellerhead goes Radiohead with Reason 6 upgrade

I really hope I don’t keep talking about gear on this site, but being a home studio project, it’s hard to avoid.

Propellerhead Software, the makers of Reason, announced it would let users who own Reason 5 and Record 1.5 to upgrade to Reason 6 for any price they name. It’s Radiohead’s In Rainbows all over again.

Reason 6 incorporates Record, so now there won’t be two separate products. When the new version was first announced a few weeks back, I decided to skip it and wait for Reason 7. Since I already had Record, I didn’t feel this upgrade was essential, and honestly, I don’t actually use Record — I tacked it onto my Reason 5 upgrade for an extra $20 out of curiosity.

But now the Pay What You Want option makes me inclined to upgrade. I don’t know how much I’d pay, but it’s not going to be for the usual upgrade price of approximately $130. Nor will I be a cheapskate and pay the minimum $1. Most of the value in the upgrade is for Reason owners who don’t have Record, but for those users who do, Reason 6 seems more like a point release.

Really, the only thing I’d like to see — which most likely won’t happen — is the addition of a solo viola instrument in the Orkester library. Short of dropping $500 on the Solo Strings library from Vienna Instruments, the solo strings in the Orkester library do the most convincing job of emulating solo strings I’ve encountered.

As part of an effort to study some of my favorite string quartet scores, I’ve programmed a few works into SONAR using the Orkester library as an instrument. Samuel Barber’s lone string quartet is the source work for his famous Adagio for Strings. I can’t say I was impressed by the movements that frame the Adagio, but after entering each note of those movements, it’s eased up my criticism of them. At least now I can spot the sonata form.

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