Pardon our dust …

I’ve been doing a bit of renovating here at the Eponymous 4 official site to reflect all the renovating I’ve been doing with the music.

For way too long, this site has given the impression that I haven’t been productive. I have — it’s just a lot of the stuff in the pipeline never got around to being released and now probably never will.

At the same time, I needed a way to corral all the random items I post willy-nilly everywhere, so I opted to show the whole roadmap. I’ve redesigned the Music section to show all the releases forthcoming. About three of them are on the verge of getting out the door, and the rest — well, there’s a lot of proverbial ground to cover.

And when I get tired of being in the studio all weekend, I’ll come here and post more about all the songs you haven’t yet heard.

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