Original Confidence gets a reboot

Back in 2008, I sent out a "Christmas card" to 10 select people — a compilation of Eponymous 4 demos. It was the greatest hits that weren’t yet hits, and the first drafts with any sort of vocal tracks.

It’s now the holiday season of 2011, and that "Christmas card" has undergone some major revisions. Where there were samplers pretending to be guitars, there are now guitars (and basses as well.) Samplers are still posing as drummers, but the samples sound slightly more human. I’ve also replaced a two tracks, replacing a Japanese-language cover with an English-language cover and a piano piece with the semi-title track from 「風の歌を聴け」.

I gave this compilation the title Original Confidence as a tongue-in-cheek gesture, naming it after the Japanese version of the Billboard charts.

Have a listen, won’t you? Here’s a track called "Go".

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