Old audio: Untitled (Acid Vogue)

It’s taken me six years to develop enough working knowledge about audio engineering to do some of my early demos justice.

At various points in the past, I’ve posted audio files of a cassette tape that survived a burglary in 1998, in which I lost all my early 4-track demos. The transfer to digital was never satisfactory, mostly because I lacked the equipment and know-how to do it right.

As a result, I’ve always considered that lone surviving tape as something of a bastard child, and I would always wince when friends would say they listened to it. The demos are crude in the way that dated technology makes it thus, and it doesn’t help matters when the sound quality is crap.

But two weeks ago, I gave the tapes another go, this time applying copious amounts of multi-band compression to clarify some parts and to mitigate others.

It definitely helped.

In fact, it’s making me reconsider tracks I relegated to the dustbin. One such track is something I’ve given the working title of "Acid Vogue". I was trying to co-opt the drum beat of Madonna’s "Vogue" into something I thought qualified for acid house. Not that I knew what acid house was — I just knew Duran Duran was influenced by it during the Big Thing sessions.

It’s more Depeche Mode than anything else. I still don’t know what to do with this track. Maybe nothing at all.

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