Observant Records web site launches

Not much music is getting posted here because I’ve been hard at work on some web projects. Last weekend, I remodeled the custom-made content management system that powers this web site — nothing too apparent on the surface, but with any luck, it will help get music on this site quicker.

This weekend, however, I launched the scaffolding of the Observant Records web site. Not much content on there yet, but I hope to get a web shop running there in the future.

That’s not to say I’ve totally been neglectful of musical matters. I went back to some cassette tape demos that I transferred to digital and took another shot at mastering them. The first time I tried, I did a brute force job and ended up with some terrible files. This time, I think I have something that sound decent.

As a result, some tracks I’ve written off as trash just might be candidates for a second look. Maybe I’ll even post something here later.

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