Observant Records web shop is online

I spent the last week and a half setting up a web shop for Observant Records. I’m using a shopping cart program built on the same PHP framework that powers this site, and I made some customizations to pull content from here to there.

So while I have been working on Eponymous 4 stuff, it’s more on the web side than the music side. (Eponymous 4 is as much a web project as a music project.)

I did, however, go to a photo shoot for the cover of Restraint. I’ve also been looking at mastering options, and I’ve been going through more rounds of mixing. It’s getting really close now. I’m not committing to a particular release date, but sometime in (early) 2012 is not an unreasonable goal.

The tracks you pretty much hear will be the ones on the final album. As such, I’ve also requested CD Baby take down the Work Release Program titles from all their digital partners. The Work Release Program titles will still be available through CD Baby, but I’m not going to feature them here, nor on the Observant Records web shop.

Honestly? It’s kind of painful to hear those versions. I disclaimed the hell out of them when I released them back in 2009, but I didn’t realize just how green they would sound to me just 1 1/2 years later. That’s not to say what I have now is all that masterful, but I like the idea that I’m moving forward.

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