New audio: 無題平成23六月五日

Over the past year, I’ve been expanding my library of software synthesizers. Before I upgraded my computer, I pretty much stuck to my hardware gear and Reason. Now, I have two orchestral libraries and a number of percussion libraries. One of those libraries is Balinese Gamelan from Native Instruments.

I’m not sure what the next Eponymous 4 album will be, but I have a sense a future album will be instrumental and attempt to corral all these libraries.

Just to test out all these new libraries, I threw together an untitled track. Yes, that’s what it says in Japanese: "Mudai Heisei 23 Rokugatsu Itsuka", or "Untitled 06/05/2011".

The gamelan samples are put through some Western tuning to mix harmonically with the strings. I’ve also thrown in a brushed gong, tabla and taiko.

I don’t know if this particular sound will expand into a full work, but it’s a start.

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