Native Instruments releases new version of Guitar Rig

Today I received an e-mail announcing the release of a new version of Guitar Rig. It’s not unexpected since Native Instruments started pushing KOMPLETE 8 last month. I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to Native Instruments after upgrading my computer last year.

It started with Battery. I tried out a demo and liked how much better it sounded than the kits in my old KORG N364 or Reason, for that matter. When Guitar Center had a sale on Battery, I bought a full version. Cakewalk SONAR also bundled a limited version of Guitar Rig, so I experimented with that as well. By Christmas, I upgraded Guitar Rig to a full version and impulsively tacked on KONTAKT with my purchase.

Guitar Rig and Battery are at the heart of what I call the "Ex Machina Series". I’m going back and redoing all the drums on my tracks to use Battery (if it seems appropriate — the N364 stil has some useful drum samples), and I’ve even tried my hand at recording guitar parts, even though I’m not much of a guitar player. Despite that lack of skill, Guitar Rig has quickly become an essential tool in my arsenal. So much so that it’s eclipsed Reason, which I use now to fabricate guitar parts I know I can’t play (usually arpeggios, definitely solos.)

One track that’s definitely benefited from a remix is "Untold Demons", an adaptation of the first song I ever wrote. It always had the spirit of a guitar song, even though it was written on the piano. I posted an early version on Metafilter Music, but I much prefer the remix.

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