Lots of remodeling

There’s a lot of reconstruction happening here at Eponymous 4 headquarters. The site you’ve known and loved (or most likely ignored) has become a subdomain of, while a brand new official site is in the works has just launched! Why the redesign? Well, I’m getting ready to release enigmatics on CD!

Yup, I filed some papers with the county clerk’s office, opened up some business bank accounts, applied for membership to ASCAP and signed up to release the EP through CD Baby. I haven’t really paid much attention to enigmatics in the last few years because it’s pretty much been in the can. I’ve been so busying trying to perfect all the other works in progress, I forgot I had something finished.

So why not give it a proper debut?

I’ve spent the past year flexing my dormant print layout and design skills, and I did a rough run-through with my limited pressing of Original Confidence in Christmas 2007. So I think I can line enough of my ducks in a row to release something for real.

Details are of course forthcoming, but right now, I’m planning for a June 2008 target date.

Stay tuned!

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