Work Release Program unveils first full-length Eponymous 4 album and second EP

Over the last few months — you could even say years — I’ve been dribbling out various recordings in a haphazard manner. I’ve posted cover songs to Facebook and drafts of demos on Metafilter Music. enigmatics marked the first official release from Eponymous 4. Well, I think I’m very, very close to making the first full-length Eponymous 4 album available.

This past winter, I hunkered down and focused on Imprint, the first set of songs I completed back in 2005, when I started to build my home studio. Back then, I considered the album "finished", even though I hadn’t recorded vocals. Three years and many distractions later, I finally have a set of performances that don’t totally make me wretch (but they still make me cringe.) I’ve also gotten a bit more practice — and invested more cash into — polishing these recordings. And they’re finally in a shape that I feel comfortable unleashing upon the world.

That’s not to say they’re the definitive versions of these songs.

In reality, these recordings are still demos. Production-wise, they still need much more clean-up than I can afford, and performance-wise … well, let’s just say I’m not the best interpreter for my own material. Ideally, I would be recording these songs with a band, but I’m not at that point yet.

Instead, I’m initiating the Work Release Program, in which these "demo albums" are released exclusively on this site. I’ll post one track each week till all the tracks of the album have been made available. Imprint will be the first release in this program, with an EP, 「風の歌を聴け」, following.

I’ve just finished the first round of mixing for Imprint, so I’ll need a few days to live with it and make any additional tweaks. I hope to start posting tracks by the end of January or at the start of February.

I may even make these releases commercially available online, through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and other services. At this point, I’m not considering a physical CD release, but I’m not ruling one out either.

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