‘Imprint’, ‘engimatics’ now available on Bandcamp, Amie Street

While I wait for Imprint to reach the major online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon, I’ve made it and enigmatics available on Bandcamp and Amie Street.

Listeners can download a free version of both releases encoded at 128kbps from Bandcamp. Of course, I do extort your e-mail address from you when you download. The site also offers the album in higher quality encodings, including FLAC and MP4, for a price — $4.95 for enigmatics and a minimum donation of $8 for Imprint (in the unlikely event you want to pay more.)

Amie Street is also offering both releases free, but if either of them gain in popularity, the site will start charging for them. The more popular they get, the higher the price.

For the time being, I’ll still make Imprint available for download from the official site, but when the next project in the Work Release Program starts getting posted, I’ll redirect those free downloads to Bandcamp.

And one final bit of Web 2.0 news — check out Eponymous 4 on thesixtyone, a social network music game site. In other words, gambling with no money on the popularity of a certain song.

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