‘Imprint’, 「風の歌を聞け」hits online retail soon

The first two volumes of the Work Release Program, Imprint and 「風の歌を聞け」, will be available from online retailers in the next few weeks.

Imprint is currently under review by CD Baby, which will deliver the album to online retailers in the next week or two. It could hit iTunes and the Amazon MP3 stores by the end of April.

Tracks from 「風の歌を聞け」 will start being posted to the Eponymous 4 official site starting April 20. After all the tracks have been posted, it too will be sent to CD Baby for digital distribution.

While you could certainly go to iTunes and other online retailers to buy these two releases, they will also be available in their entirety for free here on the site and over at Bandcamp, where you can also purchase downloads in higher quality formats. Of course, should you decide to go for the free files, please consider leaving a donation if you like what you hear.

It seems odd to offer something for sale and for free at the same time. If I happen to listen to an album for free and end up liking it, I’d show my support by buying a copy. I’m probably not alone in this regard.

At the same time, I don’t really consider these recordings definitive. They’re still pretty much demos. I wouldn’t mind earning some cash from them, but I don’t feel totally justified in charging for them either.

So, you, the listener, gets the best of both worlds. Assuming you like this kind of stuff …

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