Eponymous 4 official site relaunches

If the blog entries on this site are any indication, nothing much has happened since Sept. 2, 2009, more than two years ago. That’s really not the case.

I’ve actually been posting a lot on the Eponymous 4 Facebook page, and I’ve even posted tracks to Metafilter Music. Then there’s all the stuff I’ve been working on — remixes mostly — that I haven’t even made available.

I had the wrong-headed notion that this site should follow a more traditional role of pushing only officially released material, which I obviously haven’t been doing for a while now.

So I’m taking this site back and making it less formal. I’ve given it the proverbial new coat of paint, and over the coming months, I’ll be making changes on how new material gets unveiled.

And as a sign of good faith, how about some new audio?

A year ago, I purchased a new computer, which allowed me to get really intricate with my mixes. I’ve been going back and re-recording a lot of stuff, actually trying my hand at playing my own guitar and bass parts.

One of the first tracks I remixed was "The One to Make You Whole", the lead track from Restraint. It’s probably one of the only tracks where 99% of the recording is performed live, as compared to my usual modus operandi to let software synths and MIDI take care of everything.

The drums, however, remain synthetic, although Battery 3 does make them sound a little less mechanical.

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