‘enigmatics’ now available for pre-order

The enigmatics CDs arrived from the duplication plant yesterday, and I’ve already sent a few copies to CD Baby and Amazon. I’ll be bringing a few more into Waterloo Records right around the release date.

But since I’ve got the CDs lying around the apartment, there’s no reason I can’t start accepting orders for them now. So enigmatics is now available for pre-order! You can order it here, and it will be shipped a week before the official release date. That should be enough time for the CD to arrive by the actual release date.

As mentioned before, I’m using PayPal to accept payments, and PayPal will deduct the balance immediately from your account. I wish there were a way I could wait till June 17 to do that, but alas, I’m not running a sophisticated enough operation to support it.

Even though I’m making enigmatics available on Amazon, I have to admit I miscalculated the pricing, and I’m not going to get much from selling there. You can pre-order the CD from Amazon as well, but it won’t ship till the release date. Plus, you have to pay shipping if you don’t opt for the Super Saver Shipping. If you buy from me directly, shipping is already included in the price, and it may even arrive to you early.

I’m not entirely sure when enigmatics will show up on the digital services. CD Baby is handling that aspect of the distribution. With any luck, it should show up on iTunes, eMusic and Amazon MP3 around the same time as the release, if not a few weeks later.

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