‘enigmatics’ now available for download on iTunes, Amazon

CD Baby sent enigmatics for digital distribution about a week before the official release, and now it looks like iTunes and Amazon have it available.

I’m rather concerned about the preview files on Amazon — they sound like crap. I hope the actual encoding doesn’t sound like that. If anyone buys the MP3s from Amazon, please let me know how they turn out.

Thankfully, the iTunes files are available under iTunes Plus, which means you can purchase them free of digital rights management. I was concerned about that — I was hesitant to allow CD Baby to distribute any content to iTunes if it were crippled by DRM. They aren’t, and I’m absolutely fine with it.

eMusic, Rhapsody and Napster are also supposed to part of the digital distribution, but none of them have yet added enigmatics to their listings. I’ll check back occasionally to see when it happens.

And of course, CD Baby has offered enigmatics as a digital album since day one, so if you’re budget and/or environmentally conscious, download is the way to go!

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