‘enigmatics’ now available from more online sites

CD Baby delivered enigmatics to a few more online vendors. Of course, you can download it from iTunes and Amazon, but if you prefer, you can also get it from these services:

enigmatics is also available from Napster, Ruckus, Didiom, Lala and rVibe. Inprodicon will be delivering it to the Nordic region, and eMusic may carry it eventually. (We’ll see.)

It’s slightly early to be talking about the holidays — as if the Christmas lights already on sale at Target aren’t any indication — but I still have plenty of copies of enigmatics available, and uh, not a single one has sold at Waterloo. (Yeah, I check sometimes.) I think it would make nice chill out music for the coming colder months, so think about it as a stocking stuffer.

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