Cover songs and video posted; Bandcamp drops normal quality files

I shot a video for a cover of the System’s "Don’t Disturb This Groove" with a new camera, and I’ve posted it in the video section. I also posted it to YouTube and Facebook.

I’m using a new camera because the old one — a 2003 Christmas gift that could capture only three minutes of 320×480 footage at 15 frames per second — died. The new camera can shoot in high definition, so it’s a huge upgrade. I really like the results, and it’s inspiring me to make more videos.

I also posted covers of Roberta Flack’s "The Closer I Get to You" and Cocco’s 「星に願いを」 to Myspace and Facebook as well. I’ve got a few other tracks posted on Metafilter Music as well.

Finally, Bandcamp informed its users that normal quality files (128kbps) will no longer be supported. As a result, I’ve changed the pricing structure of the files posted there. You can set your own price for downloaded tracks starting at $0.00 — in other words, free! I’ve also set album downloads for free, but you need to give an e-mail address.

I also went ahead and fixed the broken tracks on Amie Street. It was easier just to re-upload the album than wait for Amie Street support to do it themselves.

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