Cover song: Hurt So Bad (Linda Ronstadt)

After I released Work Release Program, Vol. 3: Restraint, I recorded a bunch of covers to kill some time before I traveled to Japan with my brother in November 2009.

I’ve revealed a few of them in other places but not here on the official site. One that I particularly like is "Hurt So Bad" by Linda Ronstadt. For some reason, I could totally hear Garbage playing this song, and while I don’t have quite the studio acumen of Butch Vig, I did want to give the song more punch than the original.

It’s the first time I really used a canned drum loop instead of programming my own drum track. I would like to replace the Reason guitars with actual guitars. I’d probably keep the bass line as is because I like the sound of it, but if Guitar Rig can approximate that grimy sound, I might consider making a live track of it.

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