Cover song: Don’t Disturb This Groove (The System)

A few weeks ago, I bought an acoustic-electric guitar. I’d been recording acoustic guitar parts with a microphone, but it’s cumbersome to set up, and if I don’t position myself just so, the sound isn’t quite what I’d like. So I took the microphone aspect out of the equation and bought an acoustic guitar I could plug directly into the mixer.

One of the goals of the "Ex Machina Series" was to replace all the faked guitar parts with actual guitar parts where possible (read: if I can adequately play it), and nowhere is that more important than with acoustic guitar parts. Fake electric guitar parts can be obfuscated with mountains of effects, but faking acoustic guitar parts is harder. Reason has some excellent acoustic guitar samples, but coercing the digital audio workstation to sound human is where the true sorcery lies.

Or I could just play the damn part.

I covered The System’s "Don’t Disturb This Groove" back in 2008 after listening to Sam Amidon’s All Is Well album and thinking that song would sound good using that kind of chamber orchestra arrangement. The acoustic guitar part I fashioned also served as a bass, with a single note on the downbeats marking the time.

Over the weekend, I re-recorded the acoustic guitar, this time just strumming in rhythm. I lost the bass note and had to add an upright bass part to compensate. The feel of the cover has changed dramatically because of those alterations. Still trying to decide if I like them, but I may stick with them just because I’m not inclined to go back to the fake guitar.

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