I play a guitar, but by no stretch of the imagination should I be considered a guitar player. I know my chords, and I can play a scale. But that’s as far as I can be trusted with the instrument.

Which is strange since I seem to write so much music that requires a lot of guitar.

NUMBER GIRL was a Japanese punk band that actually inspired me to take a smattering of lessons back in 2001. I wanted to learn how to play the band’s music, but I just didn’t want to follow tablature blindly. And learning a few NUMBER GIRL songs made me braver in terms of writing with guitar.

「DESTRUCTION BABY」 is my favorite NUMBER GIRL song. It has only four chords, but the off-kilter drum fills and enigmatic bass line turn it into something far more complex. My version of it, though, is a mess. The playing is choppy, the rhythm a disaster — not at all the precision work of the original.

Let’s just say a lot of work went into post-production.

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