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Two singles from the 「新曲モラトリアム」 (Shinkyoku Moratoirum) albums have been reissued with new mixes on Bandcamp. Digital releases follow in July and September 2024.

“Be My Last,” a cover of Utada Hikaru, preceded the release of the Japanese language cover album 「新曲モラトリアム日本語版」 (Shinkyoku Moratorium Nihongohan), while “Hurt So Bad,” a Linda Ronstadt cover, led the release of the English language cover album 「新曲モラトリアム英語版」 (Shinkyoku Moratorium Eigoban).

Both songs have been remixed and remastered for inclusion on a forthcoming Eponymous 4 compilation scheduled for release in 2025.

“Be My Last” arrives on streaming services July 26, with “Hurt So Bad” arriving September 27.

The 2015 single “enigmatics IV” gets a slightly expanded reissue in August 2024 featuring remixes by Service Pack Three.

The original three-track maxi single included two additional tracks not issued with the enigmatics EP. For this reissue, Service Pack Three realized “Acid Vogue” as the semi-industrial track it was meant to be, despite its dubious origin as an acid house track. Meanwhile, Eponymous 4 updates the mix of the title track as a comparison to Service Pack Three’s reimagined mix.

“enigmatics IV” arrives on Bandcamp and streaming services in August 2024.

One of four albums released in 2013, 「健忘症」 (Kenboushou) returns to digital services on Oct. 27, 2023, remixed and remastered.

The albums preceding 「健忘症」 mostly consisted of music written in the 1980s and 1990s, but 「健忘症」 had nothing but newly-written material at the time of its initial release.

But the excitement of showcasing new songs resulted in a rushed album with a subpar mix. So Eponymous 4 went back to the original tracks and gave them thorough renovation. While the source material stayed the same, the new mixes inject a sense of energy missing in the original release.

Pre-order for the digital download is available on Bandcamp.

The debut EP from Eponymous 4 gets reimagined by Service Pack Three, a new Observant Records project. Eponymous 4 originally released enigmatics in 2008 and reissued it in 2013. More than 15 years later, this five-track EP exploring electronic and new age music gets a makeover.

“enigmatics II” is the first single to emerge from this remix project. The double A-side single features the Upgrade Mix by Service Pack Three and the Update Mix by Eponymous 4. The single arrives on Bandcamp and streaming services in August 2023.

Originally released in 2015, 「今」 (Ima) coupled a track from the album 「健忘症」 (Kenboushou) with a pair of newer songs. The 3-track maxi single gets a reissue on June 20, 2023.

The three tracks have been newly remixed and remastered, with one song (“Long-Distance Lover”) getting a revised arrangement.

Pre-order for the digital download is now available on Bandcamp.

Another remixed and remastered track from the album 「健忘症」 (Kenboushou) arrives to digital services on May 26, 2023.

「高速」 (Kousoku) is loosely inspired by the NOVA television special based on physicist Brian Greene’s book The Elegant Universe. The lyrics take a basic understanding of theoretical physics and asks how it can affect destiny, all set to a pair of guitars and a New Wave beat.

The single precedes the reissue of 「健忘症」, slated for a fall 2023 release.

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