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Work Release Program unveils first full-length Eponymous 4 album and second EP

Over the last few months — you could even say years — I’ve been dribbling out various recordings in a haphazard manner. I’ve posted cover songs to Facebook and drafts of demos on Metafilter Music. enigmatics marked the first official release from Eponymous 4. Well, I think I’m very, very close to making the first […]

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‘engimatics’ goes on sale for the Christmas season

In the spirit of holiday consumerism, I’ve knocked down the price of enigmatics CDs to $6.00, which is a paltry savings of $2.00. The sale is available only through the Eponymous 4 official site, since Amazon and the various digital services set their own prices. This discounted price is available all the way through Christmas […]

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‘enigmatics’ now available from more online sites

CD Baby delivered enigmatics to a few more online vendors. Of course, you can download it from iTunes and Amazon, but if you prefer, you can also get it from these services: Rhapsody PayPlay GroupieTunes TradeBit enigmatics is also available from Napster, Ruckus, Didiom, Lala and rVibe. Inprodicon will be delivering it to the Nordic […]

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An actual music video from the CD itself

So last time, I presented a video for a song that wasn’t even on enigmatics. This time, I actually have a video from enigmatics! "enigmatics IV" is pretty much the de facto single from the EP, so I decided to "shoot" a video for it. But I did it the hard way — instead of […]

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Aren’t you supposed to make videos for songs on the album?

I bought a tripod last week for my digital camera with the intention of using it to make a video for enigmatics. The idea I have in mind requires me to take about 4,000 pictures. It’s hard to explain. But the tripod also let me experiment with the video function in my camera, so I […]

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‘enigmatics’ now available for download on iTunes, Amazon

CD Baby sent enigmatics for digital distribution about a week before the official release, and now it looks like iTunes and Amazon have it available. I’m rather concerned about the preview files on Amazon — they sound like crap. I hope the actual encoding doesn’t sound like that. If anyone buys the MP3s from Amazon, […]

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