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Listen to the entire ‘enigmatics’ EP till June 24

From June 12 (today) till June 24, you can listen to the entire enigmatics EP at the official Eponymous 4 website (that is, right here right now.) enigmatics will be released (more or less) on June 24. Amazon and CD Baby have already received their stock from me, so they should make it available to […]

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‘enigmatics’ now available for pre-order

The enigmatics CDs arrived from the duplication plant yesterday, and I’ve already sent a few copies to CD Baby and Amazon. I’ll be bringing a few more into Waterloo Records right around the release date. But since I’ve got the CDs lying around the apartment, there’s no reason I can’t start accepting orders for them […]

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Exclusive track available on Metafilter Music

I posted the second track of enigmatics over at Metafilter Music, a site on which I’ve embarrassed myself numerous times. Head on over to the site to listen to it. It’s so exclusive, I’m not even posting it to Myspace! In case you didn’t see the late edit to the previous post, enigmatics will also […]

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‘enigmatics’ is on the way!

I guess it’s as official as it’s going to get … On Friday, I placed a duplication order for 100 copies of enigmatics. It’ll take about a week to print up and another few days for shipping, but if everything proceeds as planned, then I just might make that June release date I set! The […]

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Lots of remodeling

There’s a lot of reconstruction happening here at Eponymous 4 headquarters. The site you’ve known and loved (or most likely ignored) has become a subdomain of, while a brand new official site is in the works has just launched! Why the redesign? Well, I’m getting ready to release enigmatics on CD! Yup, I filed […]

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