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New audio: スレノディー

I’ve been trying to post here with some degree of regularity, but two weeks ago, I got hit by a nasty stomach bug. I called in sick to work for three days and battled a fever of 100.

Somehow through it all, I managed to lay tracks on what could be considered my first new song since 2007. I’m not sure if I’m afflicted with writer’s block or if I’ve just been distracted by real life to have done any writing in nearly five years. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

I don’t think this new song is something I’d put on an album. In fact, it feels very much like a b-side, and it bears too much of a resemblance to Kumuiuta-era Cocco. But I’m glad it’s something new, and perhaps it might nudge me into focusing on creating instead of this endless whirlpool of mixing and remixing in which I find myself.

I’m sure this song will join that whirlpool, since I have this nagging feeling it’s not completely fleshed out.

Oh, and the lyrics are mostly in Japanese. I can’t guarantee that they won’t sound to Japanese ears how Engrish sounds to ours. The title is transliterated as "Threnody".

New audio: 無題平成23六月五日

Over the past year, I’ve been expanding my library of software synthesizers. Before I upgraded my computer, I pretty much stuck to my hardware gear and Reason. Now, I have two orchestral libraries and a number of percussion libraries. One of those libraries is Balinese Gamelan from Native Instruments.

I’m not sure what the next Eponymous 4 album will be, but I have a sense a future album will be instrumental and attempt to corral all these libraries.

Just to test out all these new libraries, I threw together an untitled track. Yes, that’s what it says in Japanese: "Mudai Heisei 23 Rokugatsu Itsuka", or "Untitled 06/05/2011".

The gamelan samples are put through some Western tuning to mix harmonically with the strings. I’ve also thrown in a brushed gong, tabla and taiko.

I don’t know if this particular sound will expand into a full work, but it’s a start.

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