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An actual music video from the CD itself

So last time, I presented a video for a song that wasn’t even on enigmatics. This time, I actually have a video from enigmatics!

"enigmatics IV" is pretty much the de facto single from the EP, so I decided to "shoot" a video for it. But I did it the hard way — instead of shooting actual video, I took a series of high-speed pictures, more than 8,500 at the end of it. I strung those pictures into Womble MPEG Video Wizard to create the footage. I then edited the final video in Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

YouTube, however, was very uncooperative with encoding the final results, and I spent all day Sunday uploading and deleting, uploading and deleting. I finally installed an evaluation version of Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition to render an MP4 as close to the suggested YouTube settings as possible. The lo-res version still looks like crap, but the hi-res version doesn’t screw up the picture too badly.

Here’s the video, as close as YouTube can offer it.

[UPDATE, 08/03/2008, 15:08] YouTube has gone out of its way to make sure music videos uploaded to their site turn out to be absolute crap. The latest offense is an automated compression that absolutely crushes the dynamic range of a video’s sound.

That’s the final straw. I figure I’ve got enough server space to host the videos my own damn self. What I trade in exposure I retain in a proper viewing experience.

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Aren’t you supposed to make videos for songs on the album?

I bought a tripod last week for my digital camera with the intention of using it to make a video for enigmatics. The idea I have in mind requires me to take about 4,000 pictures. It’s hard to explain.

But the tripod also let me experiment with the video function in my camera, so I moved some furniture around, pointed my camera to the wall and shot a video for a song I haven’t yet really released, titled "What I Deserve".

I edited the footage in a shareware MPEG video editor and got these results.

(The enigmatics video is going to be a long time in the making, though.)

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‘enigmatics’ now available for download on iTunes, Amazon

CD Baby sent enigmatics for digital distribution about a week before the official release, and now it looks like iTunes and Amazon have it available.

I’m rather concerned about the preview files on Amazon — they sound like crap. I hope the actual encoding doesn’t sound like that. If anyone buys the MP3s from Amazon, please let me know how they turn out.

Thankfully, the iTunes files are available under iTunes Plus, which means you can purchase them free of digital rights management. I was concerned about that — I was hesitant to allow CD Baby to distribute any content to iTunes if it were crippled by DRM. They aren’t, and I’m absolutely fine with it.

eMusic, Rhapsody and Napster are also supposed to part of the digital distribution, but none of them have yet added enigmatics to their listings. I’ll check back occasionally to see when it happens.

And of course, CD Baby has offered enigmatics as a digital album since day one, so if you’re budget and/or environmentally conscious, download is the way to go!

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