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Exclusive track available on Metafilter Music

I posted the second track of enigmatics over at Metafilter Music, a site on which I’ve embarrassed myself numerous times. Head on over to the site to listen to it. It’s so exclusive, I’m not even posting it to Myspace!

In case you didn’t see the late edit to the previous post, enigmatics will also be available on Amazon. Here’s something funny: my music blog,, has an aStore. So I get to sell my own CD from my own aStore. Gotta love that recursion!

‘enigmatics’ is on the way!

I guess it’s as official as it’s going to get …

On Friday, I placed a duplication order for 100 copies of enigmatics. It’ll take about a week to print up and another few days for shipping, but if everything proceeds as planned, then I just might make that June release date I set!

The EP will be available at CD Baby and here from the website. I’m most likely going to set up a consignment arrangement with Waterloo Records for a few copies so that Austin-area listeners don’t have to wait for me to ship it. Of course if you’re in town, I could just meet you somewhere.

Let me tell you now, though — you’d probably save the most cash by buying the CD directly from me. Every consignment arrangement has its own mark-up, which means slightly higher prices for you and narrower profit margin for me. I’m using PayPal to handle the web site transactions, just so you know.

enigmatics should also be available as digital downloads. I’m letting CD Baby handle that end of the distribution, and there’s no telling when the EP will actually be available. If you do see it on a particular online service, let me know so that I can keep track of such matters and pass that information along to other, ahem, fans.

I’ve also set up an e-mail newsletter to which you can subscribe. Honestly, I think the future lies with RSS feeds and news readers. If you use a news reader, perhaps you would like to add the Eponymous 4 RSS feed, yes?

[UPDATE, 05/22/2008, 10 a.m.] enigmatics will also be made available through Amazon.

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