「光がない」 EP is now streaming

A few weeks back, I unearthed one of my microphones and recorded some vocals in my relocated home studio. The results were passable enough — after a lot of editing, of course — that I finally finished my first new release in a long time!

It’s a four-track EP titled 「光がない」 (Hikari ga Nai/No Light), and it consists of lyrics that were leftover from the writing session that yielded 「健忘症」 (Kenboushou/Amnesia).

You could call 「光がない」 an outtakes release, although that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. I hadn’t actually sketched out any of the music for these songs at the time I wrote the lyrics, but I could sense they wouldn’t fit with general tone of 「健忘症」. In fact, the idea of an EP didn’t really solidify till last year. I had a version of the title track floating around since 2009, and it was joined in 2011 by the second track on the EP, 「スレノディー」. I continued to sketch out ideas for the final two tracks and got to work on them in the past two months.

The idea behind 「光がない」 was to pay hommage to some of my favorite Japanese rock bands. If you read some of the old entries on my music blog,, you might be able to suss out who influenced what track. This entry, in particular, should be helpful.

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