The Dreaming End

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Something in your heart is melting
I can feel it coming strong
In your dreams, you feel his body
But I feel his touch
Don't wake up, I want to know it
I want you to sleep

I know what you most desire
I can see it every night
In your dreams, I feel his body
And I want his touch
Don't wake up, I need to feel it
I need you to sleep

I can't explain it, and I wouldn't want to
But how can I recall the feeling when the dreaming ends?

I can feel you start to waken
I can feel him slip away
I know what to do to stop
I know what it takes
Don't wake up, don't break the silence
Don't disturb the dream
I want to feel his touch and feel his body
I want you to sleep

[Retrograde Songs]

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  • Label: Observant
  • Release date: July 28, 2015

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