The One to Make You Whole

Under the influence of Enya and Andrew Lloyd Webber, I wrote a pop music requiem mass in high school. The Offertorium of that piece was the only track I managed to demo. I’ve pretty much scrapped that requiem, but I’ve reworked the Offertorium into “The Dreaming End”.

At the start of my college career, I was a big Anne Rice fan, and “I’m the Shadow” took more than a few cues from The Witching Hour. I had a vague sense of a melody in my head, but I wasn’t a savvy enough writer at the time to jot it down. When I unearthed the lyrics to this song while perusing old sketches, I gave it another shot and came up with the recording on this release.

These tracks share with “The One to Make You Whole” a more fluid harmonic rhythm.


Track Title
1 The One to Make You Whole
2 The Dreaming End
3 I'm the Shadow

[The One to Make You Whole]

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  • Label: Observant
  • Release date: March 24, 2015

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