A Ghost in My Shadow

At the time I wrote my earliest songs, I thought I would love them forever. I didn’t realize I would forget them so easily.

But the were preserved on staff paper, yellowed and stained after two decades of neglect. And the ideas therein belie the youth of the hand that wrote them.

All that flowery language to say: Man, did I suck.

Clumsy chord progressions, unwieldy melodies, awkward construction — flinch-worthy, indeed. But salvageable? That was the challenge.

So I picked through the yellowed staff paper, examined the ideas behind them, attempted to puzzle out at what I was trying to grasp, then bring them out.

The experience, and perhaps the results, were surprisingly satisfying.

I call A Ghost in My Shadow my Duran Duran album, because the shadows of Le Bon, Rhodes, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor (and Cuccurullo) cast tall on these songs.


Track Title
1 Untold Demons
2 Heard and Said
3 Light of Day
4 Dusk
5 Risk (Wait and See)
6 Go
7 Five (Ambiguous Friendships)
8 Faith in Religion
9 Beat of the Heart
10 Nagasaki
11 No Exit

[A Ghost in My Shadow]

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  • Release date: October 22, 2013

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