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The next Eponymous 4 album arrives in 2017


As I mentioned back in my State of Eponymous 4 Address back in 2014, I had a set of songs ready to record for an album titled Travis. At the time, I thought I’d work on it immediately after Retrograde Songs, but my attention got diverted to Empty Ensemble, which will release its debut EP and LP in 2016.

Well, I’ve spent the last month focusing on Travis, and I’m happy to announce the album is in the can. Because I don’t want to steal thunder away from Empty Ensemble, the album won’t be released till September 2017. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from posting a preview. You can listen to it now if you become an Eponymous 4 subscriber.

I approached this album a lot differently from the Ex Machina series. I finally employed a guitar amplifier and pulled an old, cheap microphone out of retirement to record parts. The rhythm section is entirely programmed, but everything else is recorded live. I’ve also invested in a better class of plugins, so the sound should actually approach something more professional than what’s come before.

This album really opened up some new ways to work, and I look forward to applying those lessons to the cover albums.


Site updates include a new newsletter

Eponymous 4 is still on hiatus while Empty Ensemble gets ready for a big push in 2016.

In the meantime, Observant Records has set up an e-mail newsletter to let you keep track of all the various projects, but if you’re interested only in Eponymous 4 news, we have you covered. In the past, I’ve relied on Facebook and Twitter to post updates. Facebook, of course, has famously altered how page posts show up in news feeds, and I don’t do much to get more followers on Twitter. So if you want to get first crack on new tracks and maybe a few exclusives, sign up for the list.

I’ve also took a bunch of files off of Soundcloud. I used Soundcloud to post first drafts of new tracks, but now that the majority of material has been released, I’ve let my Pro subscription lapse and removed almost everything that’s now available through streaming services and downloads. So you might click a Soundcloud link in an old Facebook or Twitter post and reach a dead link.

One last bit of housecleaning: a blog archive. All past posts could only be browsed through the home page, so I set up an archive page to give the home page a bit more focus.